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Online Food Allergy Checker Now Available On HSS Website!

We have published a new web form application to our website.  The new application is a food allergy checker that makes use of USDA data to assist in checking many food products for your allergies.  This is a free service that further demonstrates web form application capabilities.  The application does NOT make any guarantee for checking 100% certainty that any given food does not contain one or more of your allergens, but when it does flag a food as containing an allergen you should avoid that food.  We cannot guarantee a food does NOT contain any of your allergens because of limitations of the data received from the USDA and because food manufacturers may update their processes or ingredients at any time and the data from the USDA may lag these changes.  We do plan on keeping up to date with the latest USDA releases of information; however, if you have a food allergy and we do not flag a food product as containing your allergens, please contact the food manufacturer for up to date information.  

Thanks for reading our post and for using our new food allergy checker!  As always, if you have any application ideas that you would like to see developed but cannot or don't want to develop yourself you may contact us.  We will gladly evaluate these ideas and work with you to see that they become a reality.