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Food Allergy Checker Now Has UPC Barcode Scanner

We have published a new version of the Food Allergy Checker web form application that integrates a barcode scanner to ease data entry when searching for food products.  The barcode scanner is implemented client side in javascript.  We evaluated a couple of scanner packages that are implemented using javascript.  The one we chose for our application is an open source package that works with the top browsers including browsers on mobile devices such as Safari on iOS platform.

The package is found on github at https://serratus.github.io/quaggaJS/.  Adding this package to our web application was fairly straightforward.  This scanner software is configurable to scan several barcode formats including UPC format common in U.S. market place for food products.  The effort for integrating this package with our web application took less than a full work day for one software engineer thanks to the excellent example page that is part of the github download.  Special thanks to Christoph Oberhofer for his work on the example code which was largely used in our web application.

To see the changes to our Food Allergy Checker go to this link https://secure.horvathsoftware.com/FoodDatabaseApplication.aspx.  Thanks for giving our web applications a try and for reading this post!

Latest Build of PRESS Added Update Web Config Macro Action

For our users of PRESS that are updating passwords that are also stored in web.config files of your websites, we have added a new macro action, "Update Web Config".  This will aid you by automating the process of updating an account that is associated with a web.config entry of its password.  This new macro action is available only to Change Password macros and is implemented using text parameters stored in your macros.  The first parameter is the path of the web.config file in your development environment's source code directory.  This parameter is required and is validated to make sure that there really is a web.config file at the path location.  The second parameter is optional and defines the path to which to deploy the web.config file.    Both these paths may be either UNC path or DriveLetter: (\\server\path or c:\path) path depending upon your particular environment.


Thank you for reading our post and for being a loyal user of our password manager, PRESS.

Online Food Allergy Checker Now Available On HSS Website!

We have published a new web form application to our website.  The new application is a food allergy checker that makes use of USDA data to assist in checking many food products for your allergies.  This is a free service that further demonstrates web form application capabilities.  The application does NOT make any guarantee for checking 100% certainty that any given food does not contain one or more of your allergens, but when it does flag a food as containing an allergen you should avoid that food.  We cannot guarantee a food does NOT contain any of your allergens because of limitations of the data received from the USDA and because food manufacturers may update their processes or ingredients at any time and the data from the USDA may lag these changes.  We do plan on keeping up to date with the latest USDA releases of information; however, if you have a food allergy and we do not flag a food product as containing your allergens, please contact the food manufacturer for up to date information.  

Thanks for reading our post and for using our new food allergy checker!  As always, if you have any application ideas that you would like to see developed but cannot or don't want to develop yourself you may contact us.  We will gladly evaluate these ideas and work with you to see that they become a reality.


Online Password Generator Now Available On HSS Website

A new sample ASP.Net web form page has been added the the Horvath Software Solutions website.   This new page is located at https://secure.horvathsoftware.com/OnlinePasswordGenerator.aspx.  Passwords generated on this page are not stored anywhere on our web server.  You may control the behavior of the password generator by entering your desired parameters in the Online Password Generator web form.

Here's the list of input controls:

  1. minPasswordLen - the minimum password length and when greater than or equal to the maxPasswordLen this sets the fixed password length.  When less than maxPasswordLen a random password length is generated between the two length settings.
  2. maxPasswordLen - the maximum password length.
  3. excludedSymbols - for passwords with symbols in them this controls what symbols are excluded unless the Allowed Instead checkbox is checked.  When Allowed Instead is checked then only the symbols in the text box are used when a symbol is added to the password.
  4. AllowedInstead - this checkbox controls the behavior of the excludedSymbols text box.
  5. PasswordCharacterSelections - this drop down list allows you to select your desired picks for each character of the password.  The settings on this control are self explanatory.
We have included this password generator as a free service and as a sample of ASP.Net web form page capabilities.

Thank you for reading our post and using our online password generator!

PRESS Help File Updated To Compiled HTML Help File

The latest version of PRESS now uses Compiled HTML Help File instead of PDF file for help.  This makes the user help a bit more friendly with links and searchable topics.  The user manual is a work in progress like much of what goes on at Horvath Software Solutions.  This post includes the user manual so you may preview what's in PRESS before downloading and installing the application.  Please feel free to download and review this documentation.  As always, any feedback is welcome.

Thank you!

PRESS v3.1 Help.chm (603.2KB)

PRESS v3.1 Build 25 Published Today

PRESS v3.1 Build 25 was published to https://secure.horvathsoftware.com today.  This build of PRESS has added an About screen and a menu option on the main screen to view the About screen.  On the About screen information about the PRESS application is displayed and you can activate PRESS from this screen if it is not already activated.   Once PRESS is activated on your PC, information about updates to PRESS will be displayed and you may download and install PRESS updates using the Get Update button whenever there is a new version of PRESS available on our server.

PRESS v3.1 Now Implemented Activation Key Support To Unlock All Features Of PRESS

PRESS v3.1 Build 23 published to  https://secure.horvathsoftware.com today now has activation key locking of some of the features of PRESS.  As always PRESS is free to download and use.  And most of the functionality can be tested before purchasing your activation key; however, if you wish to use the Import function or add more than 3 password records to your vault you must purchase an activation key.  The introductory price of this is $29.99 $3.99 which will give you a key that you can use on all your PCs in your home network.  Your purchase will also allow you to activate any future updates to PRESS should you choose to upgrade to a newer version in future.

We make it easy for you to purchase your activation key in the PRESS application when you attempt to add a fourth password record or attempt to use the Import function you will be prompted to enter an activation key.   The pop up dialog for this has a Buy button that will launch a web browser directed to the Buy page on our secure website.  Once you successfully complete the purchase on our website, PRESS will automatically fill in the information required to activate it.  Your activation information will be sent to you in an email you can retain for any future activation.

PRESS v3.1 Now Has Macro Library Support

PRESS v3.1 Build 19 published to https://secure.horvathsoftware.com today has macro library support.  This new feature will load a library file at startup of PRESS that is used when adding new password records to your password vault.  If the new password record's website url matches one found in the library you will be given the option of using the macros for the new password record's macros.  This will allow for quicker setup with a new password record for a new website you are adding to your password vault.  The macros in this library have been tested and proven to allow for complete login and as the library improves for many websites change password automation.  The library is also checked when the website learner screen is first started and you may use a predefined set of macros for a website should they exist.

Currently there are only a handful of macros in the library but check often on the downloads page for updates to the macro library file.

If you would like to contribute to the macros library please feel free to edit your macros library located in the directory where the PRESS application file is installed (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\HSS\PRESS\PRESS_MacroLibrary.txt).  You may then send your contributions by email to: mailto:michael.horvath@horvathsoftware.com.

Attached is the current macro library file.  Updated 1/16/2019.

Thank you!

PRESS_MacroLibrary.txt (17.6KB)

PRESS v3.1 Now Supports Automatic Password Change For Websites Stored In Your Vault

The latest build of PRESS that was published to https://secure.horvathsoftware.com today now has support for change password macro playback.  This means that when you generate a new password using the Randomize password menu option you can have PRESS launch the browser of your choosing for the website and perform the steps needed to update your password on that website!

We hope that you will try this new feature of PRESS the next time you need to update your login password for a website contained in your password vault.

Please let us know what you think of the Web Learner features that were added to PRESS and the Change Password feature from the main screen of PRESS.

Thank you!

PRESS v3.1 Release Now Supports Top Browsers And Added Macro Playback To Further Automate Login Process

The new release of PRESS v3.1 just published today includes all the features of PRESS v2.3 plus added browser support for Chrome, Edge and FireFox browsers.  This new version of PRESS also adds support of macro playback for login automation.

Work is in progress to automate password changes for your websites stored in your password vault.  The first release allows definition of change password macros, but currently the playback and other user interface changes are not ready for release to public.

Download your copy of PRESS v3.1 today and let us know what you think about the latest changes to PRESS!

Thank you!