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PRESS v3.1 Now Has Macro Library Support

PRESS v3.1 Build 19 published to https://secure.horvathsoftware.com today has macro library support.  This new feature will load a library file at startup of PRESS that is used when adding new password records to your password vault.  If the new password record's website url matches one found in the library you will be given the option of using the macros for the new password record's macros.  This will allow for quicker setup with a new password record for a new website you are adding to your password vault.  The macros in this library have been tested and proven to allow for complete login and as the library improves for many websites change password automation.  The library is also checked when the website learner screen is first started and you may use a predefined set of macros for a website should they exist.

Currently there are only a handful of macros in the library but check often on the downloads page for updates to the macro library file.

If you would like to contribute to the macros library please feel free to edit your macros library located in the directory where the PRESS application file is installed (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\HSS\PRESS\PRESS_MacroLibrary.txt).  You may then send your contributions by email to: mailto:michael.horvath@horvathsoftware.com.

Attached is the current macro library file.  Updated 1/16/2019.

Thank you!

PRESS_MacroLibrary.txt (17.6KB)

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