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PRESS v3.1 Now Implemented Activation Key Support To Unlock All Features Of PRESS

PRESS v3.1 Build 23 published to  https://secure.horvathsoftware.com today now has activation key locking of some of the features of PRESS.  As always PRESS is free to download and use.  And most of the functionality can be tested before purchasing your activation key; however, if you wish to use the Import function or add more than 3 password records to your vault you must purchase an activation key.  The introductory price of this is $29.99 $3.99 which will give you a key that you can use on all your PCs in your home network.  Your purchase will also allow you to activate any future updates to PRESS should you choose to upgrade to a newer version in future.

We make it easy for you to purchase your activation key in the PRESS application when you attempt to add a fourth password record or attempt to use the Import function you will be prompted to enter an activation key.   The pop up dialog for this has a Buy button that will launch a web browser directed to the Buy page on our secure website.  Once you successfully complete the purchase on our website, PRESS will automatically fill in the information required to activate it.  Your activation information will be sent to you in an email you can retain for any future activation.

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